Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Exhibit of work at Caffè Museo @ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

November 10th - December 21st, 2010

So quite a lot of time has passed since my last post as I have been working on the creative side of things and thought little of the blog. Now that my reclusive life in the studio, working on my some larger scale work primarily Mamiya Colossus, has ceased it's time to reap the rewards. This most recent work from the past year or so moves from Hatch Gallery in Oakland to SFMOMA territory care of SFMOMA Artists Gallery. It's a particularly good time because The museum is showing the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson (one of my favorites) and a show on photography called Exposed. There is a lot of discussion about photography as an art medium in a symposium "Is Photography Over?" hosted in April at SFMOMA featured on an audiocast on it's website. Check it out.

Another thing to check out is an interview I had with Alison McCreery on her blog POP (Photographers on Photography) on the November 1st posting. Scroll for it because she is a busy lady who is continuously adding new posts as her site increases in popularity.

I had a coffee with my wife Melissa in the cafe this morning as I watched the crowds pour in for lunch. Today is day one for this show at the museum. I watched parents in a family attempt to keep the touchy hands of their youngest off of my work. I wasn't too worried but should I be expecting this so soon? The gallery manager Renee put a positive spin on it. She thought that the illusion of the work was so convincing that the kids had to touch the paintings to be convinced.

Here are pictures of the work itself (all available for sale):

Mamiya Colossus, oil on canvas, 2010

Slice, oil on masonite, 2010

M8, oil on wood, 2010

SP Float, oil on masonite, 2010

Flex, gouache on paper, 2009

57933, gouache on paper, 2009