Monday, September 24, 2012

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Edmund Wyss - Exposed

29 Sept – 1 December 2012
San Francisco based artist Edmund Wyss is a hyper-realist painter who works primarily in oils and gouache.  
His approach to still life oil painting focuses on detailed rendering of mechanical forms; drawing comparisons between rudimentary weapons and old photographic tools. Both tools can reach their targets from great distances. The camera is enabled by various lenses to capture and define space, while weapons dominate space by launching projectiles. Devoid of narrative traces or subjectivity, the subjects dominate the viewer’s field of vision. Observers should enjoy the work from multiple perspectives, between its massive sculptural illusion to a use of meticulous and active brushwork. Wyss’ examination of his subject is unrestrained and suggests a kind of mechanical obsession. They are simultaneously familiar and uncanny.
Along with his paintings, Wyss will be installing a new series of imaginary camera sculptures in the Red Barn. Check back for some ‘meet the artist’ sessions during set upor call to book in for individuals or a group.
Venue: Shakespeare Barn & Red Barn
Price: FREE

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your work in King's Lynn, thanks for the show- only wish that there had more paintings.
    All the best Gary